ROCKZ 5000MAH Slim Backup Battery USB/Lightning Cables

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ZipKord Rockz Backup Battery with Integrated Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cables

There’s never a reason for a user to let their phone run out of juice - not when they a have a Rockz power bank with integrated Micro USB and Apple Lightning cables! Rockz is a portable lithium-ion battery in an EZ-grip case. Just plug in a phone or tablet to the appropriate cable to get it up and running. Users can track the Rockz available power through the LED power meter so they know when it’s time to recharge.

Product Features:

  • Lithium Polymer Battery with built-in Micro and Lightning USB cables
  • No need to carry cables, users are covered with this all-in-one Power Bank
  • 5000mAh capacity provides two full charges to most mobile devices
  • ROCKZ Premium Casing for EZ-Grip finish
  • Compact slim-line design fits in a pocket